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Lacrosse Equipment

2020 Middle School and Youth Equipment Requirements

All field players shall have:
(1) A lacrosse helmet that meets NOCSAE ND041 at the time of manufacture and has a permanent replica of the NOCSAE lacrosse seal appearing legibly on the exterior of the helmet shell – (WHITE)
(2) An Intra-oral mouth protector (mouthpiece)
(3) Protective gloves designed for boys’ lacrosse
(4) Shoulder pads designed for boy’s lacrosse
(5) Athletic cleats or athletic shoes – (FOOTBALL, LACROSSE, OR SOCCER CLEATS ARE FINE)
(6) Arm pads designed for lacrosse
(7) A jersey and shorts of the same color(s) as those of their teammates (JERSEY WILL BE PROVIDED, BLACK SHORTS)
(8) Athletic protective cup. (MUST WEAR)
(9) Lacrosse Stick

US Lacrosse Fitting guide

Use this guide to make sure your gear fits well before purchasing any equipment.

Equipment Options

Follow the links below for options that are available to purchase lacrosse equipment online needed for this upcoming 2020 lacrosse season. Keep in mind that the helmet MUST BE WHITE. 

Play it again sports in both Dunlap and Mishawaka have similar new and used options available as well.

Helmet Only

Must be WHITE